When You Find the Person God has for You


Ladies and Gentlemen, I just want to tell you this; there isn’t a fairy tale out there that can compare to the one God has for you.

Right now if you are in a season of waiting, cherish it. Hold onto the time you have with just you and God, the perfect romance. Many people see waiting as wasting, but God sees waiting as preparation.

Be encouraged in the fact that God is preparing you for the person you will marry someday. He is also preparing that person for you. And when the time comes He will bring you both together to love and cherish each other, and to serve Him.

The thing about God is He knows exactly what we need. He doesn’t just give us our basic needs, but He longs to give us the desires of our hearts. Our job is to take delight in Him and place our lives in His precious hands.

When you find the right person they won’t be like other men or women of this world. The person God has for you is special, unique, and someone to be cherished. There will be no denying when a God brings that person into your life.

You will know he/she is the one because of the deep, spiritual connection that draws you to them. It will be like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. You may not feel this connection right away, but when God opens your eyes you will see the man/woman He has for you in a whole different way.

God is taking care of you. Your job is to serve and wait. Fall in love with God. Glean the field just as Ruth did. Work while you wait. When you become more focused on your Creator, the process will become much easier.

The person He has for you is going to love you and cherish your heart. That is what you deserve, and God isn’t going to give you anything less than what you deserve. You are His child. He has great things in store for your future. The best things take time. But the process is going to be worth the wait when that time comes.

God always gives his best to those who leave the choice to Him.

I wish I could take back every single day I ever doubted God’s hand on my future marriage. I was so concerned with being alone that I didn’t truly embrace my current season. If I had it to do over, I would have enjoyed my romance with Jesus as He prepared my heart for the things to come.

I can’t thank God enough for bringing my Boaz into my life. We aren’t perfect by any means. We have our good and bad days just like anyone else. But this man is the one God gave to me to love and cherish, and I plan to do so for the rest of our lives together.

You see, marriage is more than just for us. We can’t look at marriage from a selfish perspective. We are called to love and serve our spouse, even on the days we don’t feel like it.

Marriage is a ministry. You are called to stick together through thick and thin, and to encourage each other through the hard times. Something I’ve noticed is when I am hurting or down, my husband has been my rock. He has always helped me back up. Likewise, I’d like to say I’ve done the same for him.

God is the glue that will hold you both together. So when you find the right person, remember to always keep God that the center of your heart and marriage. Keeping God in his rightful place is the key to a long, happy, and lasting marriage.

Pray together, serve together, and fall in love with each other every single day.

I want you to know today that God has got you. Your heart is precious to Him, He isn’t going to give it to just anyone. A time will come when He places your heart in the hands of a worthy man/woman, someone who will love and cherish you for all that you are.

Until then, stand firm in the promise God has given you. You do not walk alone, and soon your paths will intertwine. And when that day comes, you will look back and thank God for His faithfulness to you as you begin a new chapter in your life.


31 prayers for my future husband

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6 thoughts on “When You Find the Person God has for You

  1. Tiffany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yassssss you are the sweet sweet cool refreshing waters that God has brought into my life. You encourage me by the absolute certainty that you have. Funny enough it is the same small ember that burns deep in my heart. I sincerely believe that God has an amazing love story planned for me. Unfortunately there have been times that I have doubted & at times I have tried to force the men in the life to be my Boaz but to no avail 🙁
    You are a real encouragement to me & I pray that the Lord continues to anoint you with His wisdom so that you continue to minister to us. I await joyfully and hopefully. Hugs and kisses all the way from Nairobi, Kenya

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