While I am Waiting

While I am waiting

While I am waiting

While I am waiting I will choose to love my Maker. I will choose to serve my Father with all that is within me, trusting that He knows the right time for each season of my life.

He will bring along everything that I need in His perfect time, for I know that as His daughter, I will lack no good thing.

I will choose to worship. I will lay down my pride and sit at the Master’s feet. I will learn to love, and to allow myself to accept the love that I deserve.

I will not chase after things that are not sent by God. Instead, I will walk so close to Him that I’ll know when He speaks, “that’s the one.”

I will follow His footsteps, stride for stride. And even when my Boaz comes, I will still have no other gods before me.

Because you, Abba, deserve first place in my heart. No matter what season I’m in, you have always been. You’ve always loved me, held me, and cherished me. You are the reason I live. You will alway hold first place in my heart, even when you send along my earthly King.

You are my Heavenly King, the maker of my heart. You are my first love, my light in the dark. You will show me the way.

While I am waiting I will choose joy over pain. I will rest in your presence, come tomorrow what may. Because I know God is on my side, I have nothing to fear.

I am clothed in strength and dignity. I will laugh at the days to come, because I trust the Author of the days to come. I trust what He will write out for my life.

I know it’s going to be marvelous. I know the plans you have for me are not to harm me, you plan to give me a hope and a future.

So while I am waiting I will love you. I will chase after you and choose you. I will learn to be the kind of woman you have called me to be. I will learn to cherish the people you have placed all around me.

I will pursue your presence, and worship my way through the pain. Through every season I am yours. I am your daughter, and I will trust you.

I know that day will come when you bring my soul mate. But until then, I will not sit in worry or panic. I will choose to dwell in your peace.

I want to get to know the King of Kings. I want to find myself. I want to cherish the life you’ve given me. I know that all good things come in your perfect timing and I’m trusting your will for my life.

Thank you for my life, thank you for each blessing, and thank you for the road you have called me down. I will learn to trust you more each day.

“The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.”
~Psalm 34:10