7 Secrets From a Woman Who Waited for Her Boaz

7 secrets from a woman who waited for her boazBy: Tiffany Langford

Love is something I believe we are all searching for, especially that “special kind of love.” Many of us desire romance. We desire to have the person God has for us.

Waiting for the man God has for you can be complicated enough without all of the pressure thrown at us from the world telling us the opposite of what God is trying to tell us.

Sisters, I want you to take heart and enjoy the journey. The day you marry the man God has for you will be beautiful, but so is each and every day leading up to that day.

I pray that in this season you will choose to embrace the love of God and spend your days loving and trusting in Him, trusting that He will keep His promises to you.

Here are seven secrets you can take to heart while you are waiting for your Boaz
1. God is able to fully satisfy you in this season of singleness.

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There is nothing like the love of God. His love is the missing piece to your heart. That God-shaped hole won’t be filled by any man on this earth. Your future husband isn’t meant to bear the weight of your eternal peace and happiness. That’s a job for Abba, Father. So rest in the love of the Father and find yourself whole in Him. He’s got your back.

2. God is able to transform the desires of your heart to align with His.

Psalm 37:4 tells us, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” When you become so in tune with God and begin encountering a romance with Jesus, you will notice a change in yourself. You stop looking to the world to fulfill you. You stop wanting the things of this world. You desire more of Jesus, and in that, you will find yourself longing for the things He longs for. Your desires will become like His and in that, you will discover His will for your life.

3. When you find your Boaz you will know, trust me.

You may already know your Boaz. You may not have met him yet. He could live 10,000 miles away or next door. But when the time comes God will reveal to you who he is, but not until it is God’s perfect timing. Fast and pray. Use proper discernment and allow the Holy Spirit to direct your heart down the right path. You can trust He will not forget His promises to you. And when you are following the will of God, you can have peace that the moment will not pass you by. You will be ready and you will know.

4. There is nothing better you can do for your future husband than to pray for him.

Prayer is the most powerful force on the planet. Your future husband needs your prayers. Prayer connects you both in love and is a vital part of preparing for marriage. Pray that God would lead and guide his heart, and that He would fully walk the course God has called him to walk down.

5. Right now is the time to start becoming a godly wife.

There is no time like the present. Do you walk into a classroom on the day of your final exam not having studied or attended the first class? Likewise, don’t walk into marriage blindfolded. Pray that God would reveal how to become the godly wife that your future husband needs and follow through with it. You are a princess in preparation, so walk and talk like the woman God has called you to be.

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6. You don’t have to chase or force what is God sent.

Don’t waste precious years of your life away waiting for your wedding day. Cherish these years. They are just as important as the years to come. Take heart that God is paving the way for you. Pray that His will be done, and trust Him to bring every good thing you need into your life in His perfect timing.

You are His precious daughter and He will give you a king who cherishes you, not some boy who makes you chase after him.

7. God will do His part, but you have to do your part.

Don’t chase after the first available decent guy. Just because he goes to church doesn’t mean he is the man God has for you. Don’t let yourself become so desperate that you move ahead of God. God will honor his end of the bargain, you job is to trust Him and do your part. Wait for your Boaz. Don’t settle for any man other than the man God has for you.

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12 thoughts on “7 Secrets From a Woman Who Waited for Her Boaz

  1. This is beautiful, a lot of this God has already been telling me! Like praying for him and waiting on his timing! But I love the line you said about how God will give you a kingwho will cherish you not somebody who makes you chase after him! Thank you so much!
    – A 16 year old girl who is in the waiting

  2. This was the best infoemation I’ve eve came accross and it came at the right time. Am tired of chasing out men who never showed me love but just used me up.. So I decided am never going to let any man take advantage of me but I will pray to God to prepare me foe my king whom I know he has for me. Thank you so much.. I will share this with my friends. Its really awesome.

  3. I pray to see it coming. I’m really so confused right now. Maybe by then all my questions will be answered and I will no longer be left hanging. 🙏

  4. Please pray that I can hold onto these truths continually and not be swayed but sight, but to keep walking in faith.

    Thank you for your ministry! I have read a lot of your articles and books and it truly is a blessing! Sometimes we can feel forgotten about in the church world, but there is a sincerity about the way you write that is refreshing. A genuine heart for singles that it greatly appreciated!

    I know that it can’t be easy…ministry never is, but know that God sees and that you are making an impact by your obedience 😘

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