Are You Operating on God’s Timetable or Your Own?

are you operating on God's timetable or your own?By: Tiffany Langford

I feel this on my heart for someone.

Precious daughter of God, STOP looking at every man who looks your way as your potential Boaz. You are worth so much more, and you will NOT have to force what is sent by God.

I’m going to repeat that last part, you will NOT have to force what is God sent.

Instead, dig deeper into the love God has for you, begin building a relationship with Jesus and stop stressing over finding a partner.

Most importantly, don’t put God on a timetable.

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So often I hear women say things like, “I want to be married by the end of 2017”, but what would happen if we approached God with a commitment to trusting in His promises? What if instead, we said, “Lord, let your will be done, I trust your plans are to bring me good not harm.”

Don’t allow yourself to become desperate. YOU are the prize, YOU are His beloved. Stop focusing so much on the world around you and start fixing your eyes on your First love. There is a peace so sweet that comes with placing your love story in God’s hands. Daily the enemy will attack you with lies that God will not meet your need, so daily you are going to have to give it to God.

You are not just a future wife, a future mother, or a future daughter in law. You are a daughter of the King, you are HIS beloved. Your story doesn’t start the day you meet your Boaz, it started the day you gave your heart to Jesus. He LOVES you with an everlasting love.  You are so much more than what this world tries to convince you that you are.

God has good plans for you, plans to prosper you, not harm you, plans that will give you HOPE and a beautiful FUTURE. (Jer. 29:11) What you can do right now in this season is enjoy this life God has given you and LIVE. Fall in love with Abba, you will find that makes the process of waiting so much more bearable because HE should be number one in your life.

You won’t regret waiting on God. However, you will regret not waiting on God and operating on your own timetable. Take this season to fall in love with God, yourself, and to prepare for your future, including marriage. I’m praying for each of you beautiful sisters that God will give you peace in this season of waiting, God’s love for you is so great.

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You will never, ever go wrong by placing your love story in God’s hands. In His perfect timing, you will meet the man He has for you.

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9 thoughts on “Are You Operating on God’s Timetable or Your Own?

  1. This is REALLY great to see and to read!! I however, am a man, and am now 55 years old, still never married or have fathered any of my own kids. But all of the above is the same for my quest to meet Mrs. Right. Most of my adult life (especially in the past 15 or so years, and up till a few years ago, I still though that it was all about “My” timing and not God’s. So I agonized over what I did – and did not do, and the timing of it, and got pretty disappointed every time I would do my best to put myself in healthy environments like, High School Alumni Get Together’s, at Church events and Christian Singles Events, etc …. and different places where I thought there might be a chance of meeting that “extra special someone”. And then come away with no right matches for myself …. “AGAIN”!! Well, since 2012 I have belonged to a really great Church here near where I live in North Arlington, TX …. and I have really learned a lot since then. Like the importance of handing it all over to God and to allow it ALL to be within “His perfect timing” and then just not WORRY about it. I know that if it is meant to happen, it will. If it’s not yet, it simply won’t. “And I KNOW” that I can trust God’s judgement about that way beyond how I could ever trust my own in comparison. “So I Let Go, and let God.” And …. , I have come to terms with the fact, that just maybe, it may not ever be meant to happen? But I do have Faith that it will someday. One other thing that I find that helps a lot, is to do my humanly best – to keep a proper perspective about things – generally speaking. Like, NOT allowing myself to focus to much – or IMAGINE too much about how great it would be to finally have someone, while also allowing myself to feel unhappy because i don’t think it’s totally possible without a wife. Even the most perfectly matched relationships have their upsides and downsides. And like now instead, I try to get myself to focus on “the upsides of being single” like, always being able to come and go, and do what I want without having to clear it with another person or make sure I tell them where I am all the time, “having the whole bed to myself”, being able to hear ONLY the music that I WANT to be listening to at the time, and only watching TV programs that “I” want to watch, and being on the Internet for as long as I want, eating what and when I want, dressing and looking the way I want, and not getting into the occasional arguments, etc ……. “I also realize that any relationship will never be all fun and good times and there will be problems and tragedy as well from time to time – “that’s just how life is”. And when you are married, then there is always the chance that – one of you may get hurt or killed in a car wreck, or get cancer, or any other number of things could happen like that. So when I DO meet Mrs. Right, (God willing) I am not going to make the mistake of basing my happiness and life around that person, because what if they are taken away by sickness or something else? Then what? “So you have got to always primarily base you happiness and life around God FIRST”, and then the significant other only 2nd. And also at a Men’s Breakfast at my church year before last, our speaker was a visiting Pastor who speaks about relationships and Men’s sexual nature as how it should be countered as to how the Bible commands, etc ….. And he made a VERY important point. He said, “If you are looking for someone else to make your life complete, you are dooming the relationship before it even starts. After all, you might just wind up “with someone else who is wishing the same thing from you”, (and that person may have even more screwed up problems “than you do”). So he strongly advised us to get ourselves whole and right with God FIRST, and to get our lives and head together FIRST, “THEN” and only THEN, start seriously looking. And he also mentioned that, that will make you much more attractive to the opposite sex, and that much more marketable in the singles arena. “So you may ask …. well there aren’t exactly any classes on “How to become a good husband or wife are there”? Well there are actually, and there are some very good books on the subject. Two of them I have myself already, and this first one is by a married couple and co-authors of several #1 New York Times Best Selling Books (who also spoke and taught a class at out church), Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott, and their book I have is called, “Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts” The other book I have is by, Dr. Tony Evans, and it is called, “Kingdom Marriage”. (Dr. Evens is the official Chaplin to The Dallas Maverick’s Pro Basketball Team, and Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, TX. and has Authored several other very good books as well) His son, Jonathon Evens, who is the official Chaplin of The Dallas Cowboys Football Team, recently spoke at “this years” Men’s Breakfast at my church. And Dr. Evans’ daughter, Priscilla Shire, is also an author, motivational speaker, actress, and Christian evangelist. She taught a course just for women at our church about 3 years ago, and is about to do a live Simulcast at our church on April 28th, next month. I hope all my carrying on here …. and the info which I only have the best intentions of passing forward, is being helpful to some of whom ever happens to read it. My churches website by the way is and my FB extention is, Thank You, Larry C.

  2. Hi good morning thank you so much sometimes we need to here words like this to help us stay strong an keep faith an keep are eyes on God an when we are truly ready an on God time we will meet are husbands or wife’s thanks so much for God word an this site it really does help cuz it really sometimes gets hard sis in the Lord

  3. Hello ,
    I thank you so much for this article ,i trust on God’s timing and sometimes it’s hard but im reading this article now and i strongly believe that this is one of my prayer’s answer.
    Now i am very confident to walk with my head high with dignity and faith that if i trust and let Him write my lovestory ,He is faithful to give me a the husband He reserved for me,that i dont even have to look for a potential husband ,God knows my heart and He knows who deserve it .
    And i need to live accordingly to God’s will and i need to pursue my purity .
    I can’t tell you how happy i am right now
    God is using you to touch every single women right there and i will pray that He keeps blessing you ,what you do is amazing and a grace .
    Stay blessed.

  4. Wow just what I needed to hear. Thank you for always inspiring us ladies
    God is amazing and he works through you to encourage us. May his hand of blessings rest on you and always refresh your mind to share with us. Be blessed

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