To Anyone Who Has Felt the Bitter Sting of Rejection

two girls sitting on back of a truckBy: Tiffany Langford

If you’ve ever felt unimportant, unloved, or rejected, please remember that you are treasured and loved by the eternal God. You are a treasure. You are HIS treasure.

Did you know He sees when you lay down, and when you rise in the morning? He knows your every thought, He wrote every single day of your life in His book before the first one came to be.

He wants to woo you. He wants to cover you in the feathers of His love. He is your mighty fortress. He is concerned with everything that concerns you. He promises perfect peace if you will only keep your eyes on Him.

Did you know he knows every single strand of hair on your head? Science tells us we are constantly changing, constantly evolving. Science even proves God’s love for us.

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He isn’t sitting from afar watching you. He is engulfing you. His love is all around you. He is a friend who walks closer than a brother. As a child, maybe you did everything with your brother. Hand in hand, you faced the world together. God is that much closer to us.

His love engulfs our entire being. He is all around us, and His eye never leaves us. He continues on loving us, even when we break His heart.

How deep is the Father’s love for us?

How vast beyond all measure?

We are called sons and daughters of God.

What we sow here on this earth we will reap in heaven. He has chosen you, ordained you, and set you apart. Don’t you ever doubt this, or deny it.

He loves you even when you deny Him.

There is no sin that can separate you from the love of the Father.

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He died to know you. He died to love you. He took your place to see you live in victory. He chose you.

You are important. You are beautiful. You are loved.

If no one else in your life ever makes you feel loved, He will always step in to save the day. He will romance and heal you, wiping each tear away from your eye. He is the God who takes the lonely and sets them in families. He is a good, good Father.

I wish there were words that I could put together to explain the love of the Almighty Savior, yet my efforts to do so are unavailing.

I will never be able to put together the right words to explain the love of the Father, the love He has for you.

God is calling you into a passionate romance with Himself.

You are special. You. Each and every person

Don’t let the world tell you that you are worthless. God never designed a worthless being. He created a warrior, pregnant with destiny, who will move the greatest mountains.

To anyone who has ever felt the bitter sting of rejection, know that God loves you. He has chosen you and will cause your foot to trample the heads of snakes and scorpions. He is getting ready to take you up to the highest mountain and once you reach that place, you will then understand why everything that happened in your life did.

Everything that the devil meant for your harm, God is going to turn it into your joy and victory. God can take even the worst circumstance and turn it around for your good.

I find so much comfort in what Romans 8:28 promises the ones who love Him. He promises to work ALL things together for our good, not just some things. He promises to carry us through it all. He died for our sins that we wouldn’t have to feel depressed, lonely, or rejected. We are never alone, because I know and serve a God who walks closer than a brother.

To anyone who has ever felt rejection, I encourage you to rest in God’s love today. It isn’t by accident that you are reading this, God will do whatever it takes to reach you.

Reach out and love someone today who may be feeling the bitter sting of rejection and let them know GOD LOVES THEM.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. <3

Psalm 139 says so.

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5 thoughts on “To Anyone Who Has Felt the Bitter Sting of Rejection

  1. Thank you. I have been dealing with the fear of rejection in my life and have been rejected countless times in my life. God is teaching me everyday what you have written in this blog. He is showing me ways to love the people that I once fearful of receiving rejection from. God has truly been blessing me to open my eyes in a new perspective and lens to view others the way He sees them. God bless you and continue to write this blog.

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