I Will Choose Love

i will choose loveI will choose love, even when I’ve been hurt, even when I’ve been lied to, even when I’ve been forsaken.

I will choose love because of the one who loved me first.

I will reject the bitterness that tries to plague my heart. I will allow God to take my broken pieces and make them into His masterpiece.

I will choose to be close, I won’t shut others out. I won’t build up a wall to keep everyone out. I will choose to rise above the mess in my life, the bad decisions I’ve made, and the pain I’ve endured.

I will choose to walk in love, even when I don’t feel like it. Abba you are the one who loved me first. I didn’t deserve grace, but you called me, “daughter.”

Your words quickened my heart. You brought me out of the miry clay. You gave me purpose. You gave me a reason to live.

When others hurt me, you are the God who heals me.

I will run to you. I will bring you my broken pieces and let you do the mending that you do so well. I am thankful you have a plan for my life.

Beauty from ashes.

Grace from distress.

Joy from pain.

You’ve loved me so I will go forth and love others. I won’t allow the hurt to plague my heart. Instead, I will love through the pain and choose to walk in your will, I will choose to separate myself from anything and anyone who keeps me back from you.

Nothing could ever come close, Lord. No, nothing can compare. You have loved my through and through. You took my scars and brought beauty from my pain. Because of you I will choose to walk in love.

I will embody love. I will be love. I want others to look at me and see love, to see your love through me. I want to be love to someone else.

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Your love flows through me, healing every broken, desolate part of me. You’ve healed the scars from my childhood. I want to take this love that you have given me and give it to the world.

You’ve set my feet upon a rock, for that I praise your name. I thank you for who you are.

I thank you that you are love.

You quicken my heart to love others in the same measure you have loved me.

Help me to love others like you have loved me. Help me to see the things you see, to hear the things you hear, and to feel the things you feel.

Thank you for being love to me. You are the manifestation of love.  If people see love in me, they see Jesus. That is who I really want them to see.

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