funny christian memes

15 of the Funniest Christian Memes Ever

1.”Hey Bro, do you even lift….His name on High?” via

funny christian memes

2. “Youth Pastors trying to quiet the youth group down like..” via

funny christian memes

3. “When the pastor decides the whole church needs to fast.” via Dustoffthebible.comfunny christian memes

4. “No running on the water, Jesus.” via 9gag.comfunny christian memes

5. “Your Mama’s face when she catch you talking in church.” via nowaygirl.comfunny christian memes

6. “I’m so sorry Rex, the Ark is full.” via funnyand.tumblr.comfunny christian memes

7. “When someone asks, “how did you become a Christian?” via

funny christian memes

8.”Ever since I gave my problems to God I been chillin.” via christianfunnypictures.comfunny christian memes

9. “…And that’s how I saved the world!” via

funny christian memes

10. “Garden of Gethsemane, or however you pronounce it.” via pinimg.comfunny christian memes

11. “I hope you burn…with a passion for the Lord.” via

funny christian memes

12. “Y’all Need Jesus.” Never gets old. via

funny christian memes

13. “Photobombed by Jesus.” via

funny christian memes

14. “Buys a herd of pigs, Jesus casts demons into them.”  via

funny christian memes

15. “I heard Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.”

“He’s also the rock.”



funny christian memes

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