Daughter, Return to Your First Love

Daughter, return to your first love Daughter,

Return to me,

The one who loved you the most,

The one who loved you first,

The one who stole your heart,

From the very beginning, I knew you were art.

Because I formed you in the womb,

I formed you in my image,

I want you to look at yourself and see what I envisioned.

Because you are lovely, my darling, for there is not one flaw in you,

I want to redeem everything that you’ve been through.

It’s easy to get caught up thinking this world will fix you,

But the ones who broke you are not the ones who can mend you.

For I alone am the One who can make your heart new,

For you will soar on wings like eagles as I always meant for you too.

You keep searching for love, finding heartache and rejection.

But I will wipe every tear from your eye, my daughter, my blessing.

You are beautiful, incredible, perfect, and worth it,

Guard your precious heart and reserve it only for those who deserve it.

My love for you will never change or fade away,

I’ll hold you close to my heart even when skies are gray.

I want you to see yourself through the eyes of love.

And know, daughter, you were made reflecting the image of love.

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~xo Tiffany

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