Dear Future Husband

dear future husband

After all of this time I am still holding out for you, and I know that our love is going to be so worth it.

I know that you will be worth the heartache and pain, and I know that you will be worth saving myself.

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I pray for you every day. I pray that you abound in love, and that you would see yourself through the eyes of God.

I pray for your heart, your health, your ministry, and your well being.

I pray that you would continually fall in love with King Jesus and that He would perfect everything that concerns you today and every day.

For I know Abba is shaping your heart, as He is mine. I know that God has a work to do in both of us before we brings us together.

I look forward to the day God gives you to me, but until that day comes, I will serve and wait patiently. I will focus on becoming the right person, instead of constantly pursuing the idea of marriage.

I feel as though a part of my heart lies with you, and I look forward to giving you all of my love. I look forward to learning to walk together, to love together, and to serve together.

I am far from perfect, but I pray to love you with every ounce that is within me. I pray to hold onto the promise that God is saving you for me.

I know we are neither one perfect, and while I know this wait is worthwhile, I pray that when we come together that through the trials and the tribulations that we would keep our eyes fixated upon God and each other.

I pray that we would hold each other and our covenant together close when life gets hard, for I know a cord of three strands is not so easily broken.

But until that day comes I am going to trust God every step of the way, knowing that when the time is right I will meet you, then we will continue on this road together hand in hand.

I love you already, I’m waiting for you.

All I ask is that you wait for me too.


your future wife

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