8 Faithful Tips To Encourage Your Husband

8 Faithful Tips To Encourage Your Husband

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We finished eating dinner and Rocky, made his way to the couch to settle in and watch Sunday night football. This was the routine way he ended his busy weekends.

It wasn’t long before I could hear the faint noise of snoring. It was only 7 pm, but Rocky has dozed off to sleep comfortably stretched out in his reclining chair.

It didn’t surprise me to see him sleeping I knew he’d be exhausted. These past few months he has been running like crazy. He’s been working overtime every weekend, just to help maintain the household expenses. I’ve been out of work since May, so he has been carrying the financial load for the both of us.

He also spends every Sunday at his parent’s house taking care of his mother who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at the beginning of this year. So to say he is exhausted is honestly an understatement. I know he is truly exhausted mentally and physically!

He continues to push through, he’s a hard worker, there’s no doubt about that. there are times like this that remind me of just how hard he pushes himself when the going gets tough and he knows the people he loves need him.

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There is a lot of weight on his shoulders. In fact, I’m sure I can say that about most husbands. Even when they aren’t facing illnesses or deadlines at work, they are dealing with the spiritual and financial responsibilities that come with being the leader of their family.

Although it may appear that they have everything under control, most husbands would not only appreciate the encouragement from us, it would also be beneficial for them most of the time a man just wants a little support and encouragement. They need someone to tell them that they are men of value created in the image of God, perfect for each of us.

We each have the ability to encourage our husband and remind them that they too are loved by an almighty God, and by us. Here are some creative ways we can do that:


Let him know that you appreciate what he does for the family. This is to me, one of the most important things you could do for your husband. I will randomly send Rocky a text or slip a note in his truck just to let him know I think he is doing an amazing job.


Take time to listen to him about his day and hear what he’s saying. Oh, this is a tough one for me! Rocky is a project manager and his job is tough and confusing unless you’re actually at the job site. He loves to share every little detail and there are times I really would much rather tune out. But, I know how important it is for me to listen, and engage in the conversation and he equally does the same for me!


Take time out every day to pray for your husband. I pray for Rocky every morning as I watch him pull out of the driveway. Maybe it would help if you ask him if there’s anything he wants you to pray about, and let him know that you’re praying. There’s nothing more encouraging than knowing that someone is praying you through their day.


A man’s qualities go further than the job he does every day! Every man possesses certain qualities that make them unique. Some of Rocky’s qualities are that he’s a generous person. He’s a great provider. He’s a Godly man. He’s a man of grace and compassion. He’s a good mix of stern and sensitive. etc. Try encouraging your husband by affirming his character qualities.


Being thankful and sharing how thankful you are for every big and little thing is important. It is important that we remember not to take the things our husbands do around the house for granted. Rocky and I both do a great job at thanking one another for all those chores that need to be done!


Your husband isn’t Jesus, Superman, or Spiderman, therefore he isn’t perfect, he can’t read your mind, he will disappoint you at times, and he doesn’t have the patience of a saint. There is an expectation for our husbands to always come to our families rescue and sometimes they just need to be the one rescued! Simply put our husbands are men who are growing in love and grace while learning to lead. Praise God every day for the husband you have, with his imperfections and all.


Offer to help him out when he’s having a busy week. Is there anything you can do to pitch in? Maybe take on a chore you don’t normally do? I have learned how to do this more these past few months! I have taken on the responsibility of mowing our crazy big yard, and even trimmed the bush manually one time!


It is important for me to greet Rocky at the door every day with a smile and a hug when he gets home from work. Sometimes I even greet him in the driveway! it helps brighten the mood even if he has had a tough day! The last thing your husband wants to hear after coming home from work is a bunch of negative nagging! If women didn’t have an innate tendency to nag like we do, the Bible wouldn’t reference it as often as it does. TRUTH! Unfortunately, it can become a bad habit if we don’t learn to control our tongue. I have had to pray my way through this one! Try a little bit of Joy it is encouraging and super contagious. Work on keeping a positive attitude not only for yourself but for the good of your whole family.

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What are some of the ways you encourage your husband?

About the Author: Connie is a faith-filled wife and mother, a virtual social assistant, and blogger. She hung up her corporate career in marketing to go on a quest to find the purpose that God has for her life. She needed a creative outlet in order to share all her passions, so she started Bless Your High Heels. She finds that the vulnerability aspect of blogging inspires others to step out on faith and trust in God. 

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