The Letter I Wrote To My Future Husband Three Days Before God Revealed Him To Me

the letter I wrote to my future husbandBy: Tiffany Langford

Okay, I know this may sound a little cliche, but just give me a minute to explain.

As of lately, my house has been a tornado. After nearly five years of marriage, Kevin and I have decided to follow wherever God leads, so we are making an out-of-state move.

Anyone who knows my 13 month old daughter knows she loves getting into everything, so when I found her with a piece of paper going to her mouth, it was no surprise.

I had been packing away important papers and sentiments the day before, but when I picked this tiny piece of paper up I realized it was the letter I had wrote to my future husband exactly three days before God revealed to me the man I would marry.

The odd thing about this is I had been planning on eventually writing a blog on this topic, so when this happened, I knew it was God giving me the go ahead.

As a senior in high school nearing graduation, I found the commitment I had made to God at the age of 12 more challenging than it had ever been.

For years I felt like I was in hiding no dates, no prospects, nothing. I knew I wasn’t ugly, but when I prayed that prayer of “God, save my heart for my future husband,” He took me seriously, even though I was just a child. It was almost like He was saying, “I’ve been waiting for you to ask me just that, I’ve got you covered.”

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Any guy I had talked too even came close to dating came to a screeching halt every single time. I would pray and ask God to lift up what I felt like was a curse (the binding prayer of a 12 year old), but He stuck with His promises to me, even in the times it got so hard to maintain my heart and purity.

I had spent my entire teen life chasing after Jesus. I would being lying if I said I didn’t want to date, because I did, but ultimately I wanted to take my teen years and just solely chase after the main pursuit of my heart.

My friends were all dating, and I felt like the oddball.

A lot of people told me my standards were too high, that I’d end up old and alone.

That was the nicest of the criticism I received for being publicly open about my decision to wait for God to bring me the man HE had set aside for me.

So there I was, a senior in high school who had never kissed, never even held anyone’s hand, and never been in a relationship.

I said no to guys I knew were no good for me. I said no to good, Christian guys. I didn’t always want to say no. I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb by being this way, I just wanted to be normal, like other girls.

For the first time in a long time I had came to peace within myself. I realized I was still young and had a lifetime of living, serving, and loving Jesus before God brought along my Boaz. I didn’t expect it anytime soon, so I just decided to be at peace within myself, and trust God that in His timing He would bring everything I need.

Just remembering this period in my life brings back a smile to my face. The burden of trying to do it on my own was lifted. I knew it was out of my hands, it’s not like I could pick someone better for myself than God could anyways, and I knew what a mess I would make of my heart if I rushed ahead.

So I sat down on a cold night in December of 2010 and wrote this simple, yet prophetic letter to my future husband.

To my future husband,

Even now, I am still going to hold out for you. You are so going to be worth it. But I have decided to stop looking for you and to just focus on God, He will bring me to you in the right time. It’s funny that you actually exist, you are a real person, (who is probably asleep right now.) And I know God has you saved for me, just like He is faithfully saving me for you.

I love you and I am doing my best. My heart is already yours. I am going to stop searching elsewhere because I know you are going to be so much better than what I have planned.

Your future wife

It’s funny how God works.

Three days later, this boy happens to walk into my church. I had met him three years prior, yet in that moment God showed me something different.

He was someone I felt spiritually tied to, and I couldn’t really grasp why. A handful of times we would pass by each other in public, and I felt so drawn to his spirit. I still remember the day we ran into each other at a local Walgreens. I didn’t know his name, but I knew His fire for the Lord. Walking out of Walgreens that day I prayed, God, please give me someone with a heart like that.

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As time went on, I became caught up in my life. My senior year alone consisted of four school transitions, and my life as a teenager was hectic to say the least.

But next time we ran into each other, he invited me to come hear him preach sometime and we exchanged numbers. From there things escalated beautifully.

I decided to invite him to my church. I thought he was amazing, but I thought I didn’t have a chance. As we sat there, I remember just seeing love in his eyes, such a humble, sweet spirit.

Then after so many nights of begging and pleading God to give me a “yes” to all the boys I thought were so right for me only to find out there was a reason He always gave me “no’s,” I heard God say something I had never heard Him say before.

He whispered to me, “He’s the one.”

Umm, okay God. There’s nooo way you just told me that.

I convinced myself that I was crazy, besides why would a guy like that be interested in someone like me?

But not long after that, he asked me out on a date to my surprise. He was crazy about me (longer than I even realized), and we fell in love.

Now, sitting here at 5 o’clock in the morning in 2016 I am in tears, thanking God for preserving me, even when I doubted His goodness and promises.

My husband proves to me daily that the decision he and I both made to wait on each other was one of the best decisions we could’ve made.

I thought I couldn’t fall harder in love, but here I am, less than a month away from our five year anniversary, and I am deeper in love than I’ve ever been.

True love really does exist, and so do God’s promises.

I will never regret that day I cried out, “Take all of me Jesus! Make me into whatever you need, and give me whatever I need.”

God knew the simplest desires of my heart down to the letter, and stored up an abundance of blessings for me just from simply asking and committing.

When you become radically in love with Jesus, you realize He is concerned about every area of your life, especially the person you will marry. He desires to give you good things, but they have to be in His time. Abba is so in love with you, and so proud of you.

You are His treasured, chosen child. Don’t doubt the goodness of God. Don’t doubt His promises.

Hold onto the hope He has placed in your heart, I promise you will regret all the times you ever doubted Him.

“Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.”
Hebrews 10:23

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31 thoughts on “The Letter I Wrote To My Future Husband Three Days Before God Revealed Him To Me

  1. This is so relevant to me. I haven’t received the fulfilment of the promise of a husband yet but I had spent so much time being worried that my promise was dead and I almost lost my faith in the process. I am so thankful to God because through it all, my faith is stronger, I have learnt not to lust after other men in my heart and spend my day wondering who God has for me but to rather rest in him and keep my heart focused on living, loving and serving Jesus.

  2. This is so timely!!! 😍😍😍 thank you for sharing!!! God it’s so true what you said: “When you become radically in love with Jesus, you realize He is concerned about every area of your life, especially the person you will marry.” — #feels.

  3. Wow so encouraging to me because I’m now in this mindset and place to stop looking for my husband and asking God why haven’t things worked out with the men I meet. I believe in my heart God is protecting me from what could be a mistake. So now I’m reinventing myself and praying for my future husband. And I will be praying to God to reveal to me when I meet my husband that he’s the one. Blessings!

  4. That is so beautiful. I keep waiting for the Lord to send me my Boaz. I am so much more worth then I ever thought. Thank you for share I’ll wait on God’st aiming not mine.

  5. Dear Tiffany,
    Thank you so very much for your sweet, honest words. I needed them this morning.
    I am 61, a widow of 12 years. God has placed the same hope and dream that God has a special guy for me.
    The waiting time seems. very long right now, but this season of just God and me is time I cherish and have desperately needed.
    I’m going to write my husband a letter today too. Thanks for the great idea. And I’ll thank my Husband for the future He has planned for me.
    In Christ,

  6. Beautiful. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve written many letters to my future husband but I have to add this one to my collection and to my blog. Love is always worth waiting for. Congrats to you and your husband and may God bless you with many more years to enjoy together. God Bless and keep sharing your story

  7. Made me teary eyed. I failed twice but I’m not losing my hope and faith in God. I know someday I will find the guy was meant for me. Thank you. So inspiring.

  8. Thank you for sharing this. I find it creepy how relevant to me this is at this exact moment. Just yesterday I read an article and convinced myself at the end of it that it was time to stop looking for my future husband and trust that God will bring us to each other at the right time.

    Waiting is extremely difficult at times and yes there are days when I am so frustrated and think God I’m getting older. I trust that God will make everything beautiful in His time and that He knows exactly what He’s doing.

    In the meantime I will continue to pray for my future husband. Happy to know you wrote a book on just that because I felt weird at first praying for him so it helps to know that there are others out there who are doing the exact same thing.

    Once again thank you for sharing your story. Blessings to you and your family and may God be with you on your move and continually guide you as you reach more people for Him.

  9. Thanks for sharing. I really needed to hear this. Im 40 years of age, have had relationships (never married) in the past but since I have given my life completely to the Lord I have waited more than 5 years for my husband to be. I just couldn’t understand why there was never an open door for me to meet anyone or fall in love. I chose to believe that God is waiting for the right time and while I wait I will keep my eyes on Him. Although it does get very hard at times, when you see your friends happily married with children and you wonder…why Lord?
    Thank you for giving me hope again…

  10. Actually I never write letters for future husband..just pray for his faith..maybe today I will try to write it..I don’t expect to meet him soon like this story, just worth the wait..God will leads the right person on the right time..thank you..

  11. Actually I never write letters for future husband..just pray for his faith..maybe today I will try to write it..I don’t expect to meet him soon like this story, just worth the wait..God will leads the right person on the right time..

  12. Beautiful Story!! I can relate to your story in so many ways. I feel at times that something is wrong with me because I’m never approached or anything by men. I’m a beautiful girl and I’m told this all of the time but I now understand that God is hiding me. I’m so thankful that God has chosen to hide me. I too have turned down guys only because I knew that they weren’t right for me. My desire is to please God in every aspect of my life and I’ve always desired to have a man who wants the same. I’m still waiting on my Boaz. I believe that God will send him one day.

  13. Dear Tiffany,

    Thank you so much for sharing such an intimate letter with us. i was warmed in my heart to know that as a woman in my early 40’s, waiting for God to send me the man I will spend the rest of my life, is okay. I was married before and things didn’t work out because I was too scared to wait on God. This time, although it is not popular, I am giving my all to God and giving him control of every part of my life. I am honored to be a light and example for other women and don’t mind too much any more if people think I am weird or old-fashioned. I love your blog and can’t wait to tell my own “waiting” story at the appointed time.

    God bless you and your family!


  14. Yes thank you for your encouraging story….you just encourage me to wait even more. I use to think maybe I’m too fat or ugly that’s why I’m alone. No men ever honk the horn at me or even said hello, but God told me I’m beautiful just the i am there is nothing wrong with me. I’m been single 5years and counting and I’m kind of use to it by now I still hope and dream that one day I wake up and going through my day and then I would meet my future husband.

  15. Thank you for this beautiful, wonderful, encouraging story.
    It is hard to wait. I have seasons of doubt and always end up realizing I don’t have to worry about how this sort of thing is going to play out. God has proven time and time again that His plans are always best. I need reminders like this to keep me on track.
    Thank you. May God continue to bless you and your family as you trust in His perfect plan for you.

  16. I took my time to write a letter to my future husband. With a date In store It in a safe spot in the bible. Now I sit in listen to God. I know my husband probably looking me in the face.

  17. I got teary eyed too reading this, but also very encouraged. I still don’t know 100% whether my first wife and I were truly meant to be, but satan destroyed our marriage despite me busting my butt doing everything I could to be a good father, husband, and save our marriage while going through some of the worst circumstances any family could go through short of deaths. God saw that I gave my all, and even though my wife was following satan’s lead most of the time, I’m still happy to see that God is doing good, transformative works in her now even though we are not together anymore.

    I received a vision while awake with subsequent “words in the Spirit” that I truly believe were from God, and these have to do with showing me the wife God has in store for me and some information about her, regarding first name, and both of our ages when we will be getting married to each other (29 and 33). I’ve done almost everything imaginable to confirm that these things were truly from God and not from my imagination or the devil/his forces. I feel like God has given me so many confirmations and reassurances that He’s aggravated that I still have been listening to that nagging doubt that still tries to pry its way into my mind, trying to convince me that the vision and “words” I heard were not really from God. But they were so realistic and clear, came out of nowhere, and part of what I heard indicated that God was giving me “Kristen/Kristin/Christin” (unsure of the spelling) because she would be a polar opposite example of my first wife, who I poured myself out for and got mostly trampled on, disrespected, and romantically/sexually neglected most of the time. I felt like God was telling me that He is giving me a woman who will be a good Christ like wife towards me and be essentially a reward/recompense/blessing to me to make up for all of the unjust suffering I faced while having the right heart and trying to be the best possible husband and father the first time around.

    I do believe either satan tricked me into marrying my first wife or I just rushed and ignored the Holy Spirit’s promptings that she wasn’t right for me, but I do thank God for having mercy and compassion on me. I feel like the enemy has been trying to convince me not to believe the vision and words from God, and that God has been trying to get me to keep my head up and have faith that He’ll do what I’m believing He said to me that He would.

  18. So my best friends mom had us do this when we were 14…15….to write a list of whom we wanted God to send us. We weren’t as unwavering as you were but i found this list…my husband has 36 out of the 42 (i had high standards for who id marry too :-)) and my journey has led me to understand the extra are to balance out my own imperfections so we can grow, learn and be stronger and better together cause why must he be “perfect” when im not and its an incredible journey we’re on 😊

  19. Thanks alot!! I read this with tears in my eyes. I believe God has someone for me. I will not search anymore.

  20. Wow such an amzing story!!! Sometimes it’s hard to find your place in life to feel that you realy belong that ur here for a purpose not jus plopped here by accident!! And know we we weren’t plopped here by accident God knew who our future husband wud be since the day we were born!!; cuz it’s always worth the wait why rush ahead into something that proves less than our best for us!! You realy inspired me and since today has been less than ideal (physically in health nothing severe) as I lay here and read blogs I’m finding them quite encouraging!!! And there no better time to follow in your footsteps and write that letter cuz I believe firmly that God heres your prayers he see he cares he knows and will deliver..!!! Praying for everyone out the there the battle is hard the struggle is but with God all thngs are possible cuz in the it will be worth the wait…

  21. A couple weeks ago I texted this Aaron guy, that I’ve known for a couple of years who always use to flake on plans with me, cause he was heavy on my heart. I told him He was on my mind and that I wasn’t hitting him up to hangout but to make sure he was okay. He opened up to me and told me he’s struggling with insecurity problems and feels like no one cares or sees what he doing. He said everyone is making him feel bad about himself and he’s been feeling like he’s drowning. He said he didn’t trust anyone but needed to tell me cause no one ever asks how he is. That he is always the one listening. Then we stopped talking after we talked all night about it. But to start where I’m going with this, on August 6th 2018, I made a prayer in my notes. It said “God you know I have a habit of picking the wrong guys and thinking they’re the ones. I don’t know if you work this way but I know anything is possible, so I pray that the guy I am supposed to marry calls me an angel or babygirl(not about my looks nor my voice. Just says I am an angel) When/if he calls me babygirl I wont feel disgusted due to the fact that My father called me it instead I’ll feel an overwhelming peace. I pray that any guy that the devil sends as a distraction, that if they call me these names and they are not for me that I would feel nothing when they say it. But when the guy you know I am supposed to be with that I’d feel your spirit through these names. Please hear this prayer.” So when I went camping with my friend Cate I went through videos/pictures of Brett(a guy I used to like and think was “the one”) and I. I got upset because I finally seen how different our friendship was(cause we stopped talking for 5 months but we were best friends and talked everyday before that) after I got in touch with him. I remembered one time Brett walked up and said “Hey Angel” and I told her I was confused cause I thought that God told me it was Brett but now he’s gone and I don’t see us being close ever again. but then I started to think (as I was saying all of this) maybe Gods a little more specific than that. Maybe God is going to answer the prayer exactly how I asked if he decides to answer at all. And that the whole Brett/angel situation was a distraction. Literally, like LITERALLY, as I was talking about this, Aaron Snapchats me out of the blue and interrupts this conversation.

    Aaron: Hey I think you should look up this song. Angels by Kahlid 😊

    Me: that was such a beautiful song. Why did you have me listen to it?

    Aaron: Idk just felt that way
    Like you’re an angel

    Me; Aweee that’s so sweet. 😊thank you!!

    Aaron: just had to mention it<<< just had to mention it?

    I’ve been wracking over this trying to find a flaw and have been praying so much to make sure I’m not crazy and that was some Coincidence. I actually seen him yesterday for the first time because he FINALLY went through with our plans. He was such a sweet guy with a good heart and is just now discovering his fire for Jesus and loves it. We have so much in common with interests and beliefs. I felt nervous at first but then the peace started to hit and I even forced myself to leave. One weird thing that happened is he told me he had a vision and told me he should wait to tell me.. But he still flakes sometimes and I know situations can look completely different from what God promises because everything happens in his timing not ours. I almost married a guy before who was completely bad for me but I was so blinded and that’s why I made the prayer to begin with. I shouldn’t tell anyone because my one friend I confided in told me God doesn’t work this way. I don’t know. Help. If I don’t respond, can you please email me at with the subject as GODS PROMISES.

  22. There was a time i was fast asleep, it was around 3 to 4am in the morning, I heard what seems like dream but I heard words like: the voice said where are you??? And I answered am from Nigeria ofcouse, then she said she is from Canada, and I reply back that I can’t afford to pay the bills to canada. Immediately I wake up and realize it was a dream. I try to get the interpretation but do not avail. But still trusting God. Take you faith building message

  23. Girl this is so good. I’ve waited for years and finally my prayers have been answered. I never dated cause I didn’t have the calling yet to be a wife and a mother, God was guarding my heart for the right man just as I prayed my whole life he’d do. A friend had been trying to set me up with someone for a few months but I hadn’t been ready the first time I met him, but God told me a few months later that I was ready and He’d changed my heart so much in just a few months. God openned my heart right at the moment he’d planned and I felt the change, the shift, and I cried out to God if this is your will let it be on my heart. I surrendered it all to him and the wave of peace that ran through me was overwhelming. The next day this man who I truly believe now after just 2 months of serious dating to be my future husband texted me asking to meet. I can see in every way how God was preparing me just for him. How God was working on my heart and teaching me patience and all the other aspects I’m going to need if I marry this man. Because what scared me the most about meeting him the first time has now become the exact calling God has now given me … to be a Pastor’s wife.

  24. Hello! I found this blog one day when I was looking for encouragement on the subject of waiting for the right partner – the one man God has for me. I have been so inspired and spiritually blessed to read the testimonies of other men and women following this holy commitment of purity. God bless you all for persevering on this journey! I am proud to be a part of a community of Christian disciples dedicated to the Lord in body and mind.

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