When God Says No…

when God says noBy: Laura Reyes

We know Gods Word says that if ask it will be given to us, if we knock, we shall find. But what happens when the answer is not what we want to hear? What if we long for something so much, but God says no? I think that could be one of the most heart-breaking things.

God is a good God and in His Word He states that He delights in giving us the desires of our hearts. And sometimes we ask and ask for a specific thing and in our minds we believe that will make us happy and that is what we need. But God, as our father, sees beyond what we can see, and because he loves us so much, there will be times that he will say no.

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My one-year-old daughter has entered that very curious stage of wanting to see and touch everything. She loves to watch me cook. At times I would carry her on one arm and cook with the other. One day she was so into what I was cooking that she really wanted to stick her hand in the pot of spaghetti. In her mind it looked so cool and she really wanted to touch it. When I said no and moved her away from it, she cried and cried. But what she didn’t know was that I wasn’t saying no because I wanted to be mean, but it was because I wanted to prevent her from getting burned!

God is the same way! When he says no it’s not because He wants to be mean, but instead, he is protecting us from something that could potentially harm us.

So today I challenge you to TRUST God even when the answer is no. To TRUST God even when you do not understand what is going on around you. TRUST God even in the midst of confusion and pain. Because in due time you will see His hand and look back and the time He said no… and in that moment you will thank Him; Because He was just loving you and protecting you all along.

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  1. I love Christ so much although I know that so much has happened that I am grateful for all my children being alive and I myself and I still remember that day God called my name in 2005 I am clean and sober working hard at trust issues and raising my two daughters with made prayer over my womb births.

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