God, I’m Searching for Your Still, Sweet, Small Voice

still, small voice of GodFather,

The girl reading this has probably walked through a very difficult year, as you already know and see.

She may be tired, depleted, and feel like she’s losing sight of her first love.

When the waves of life crash all around her and bring her to her knees, remind her that you are there, you never left, and that you love her so completely.

Father, remind her of your love for her. May she be entangled in your love, captivated in your beauty, and entranced by your scandalous grace for her.

I hope she knows that there has never been a day or moment that you’ve ever left her side.

She’s heard it preached many times, because she dwells in your temple,

of that sweet, still, small voice that you use when you speak to us.

She’s heard a thousand stories, and see a million different ways of how you make yourself known to your creation, how you find intimacy with completely imperfect and undesserving people.

Lord, I pray in this next season of her life that you would make yourself known to her in a very real and tangible way.

Heal her heart, mind, and spirit like only You can.

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I often marvel at Elijah, how he seen the goodness and faithfulness of God in His lifetime. He was a mouthpiece for the Lord, yet there were times He was searching for the voice of God to be made known to him, just like you and I do.

In one scene, (1 Kings 18) Elijah is so confident in his God that He calls around the people and the prophets of Baal, douses his altar with water three times in the midst of a famine, and says, “The God who answers by fire, He is God.” The prophets of Baal cried aloud to their god and even cut themselves trying to find his voice, but Elijah knew when Abba was speaking, and the people’s hearts were turned back to God that day.

In literally the very next scene, (chapter 19) Elijah is running for his life from Jezebel. He sits down under a tree and cries aloud to the Lord, “God I want to die!” God sent an angel to encourage him and provide food for him for his journey.

But when Elijah reached Horeb, the mountain of God, he was so discouraged and looking for the voice of God. Many know this story, but a word came and told him to go stand before the mountain of God. As he stood there, a strong wind, an earthquake, and a fire come as Elijah was searching for His voice, but God was not in any of those things. Instead, after the fire the Lord appeared to Elijah in a still, small voice.

What this shows me is in our lives we see the works and the goodness of God. We witness the miracles and celebrations, but the quiet place is reserved for those who are intimate with Him, they are the ones who can hear His still, small voice.

A still, small voice is likened to a whisper, so how can you hear someone whisper if you are standing far away, or standing in a crowded room of people?

If you desire to hear His voice, come closer child. He’s always been there, waiting and longing for you. You’ve never gone too far or done too many things wrong. He loves you and longs to be intimate with you. He longs to be close enough to His children that when He speaks, He can wrap His arm around you and lovingly instruct you just like a good Father would.

The fire, the big miracles, things like that are for the nonbelievers, but the still small voice of God is reserved for those who come close enough to listen.

And my friend, that invitation extends to every single human being walking this planet.

So Father, love on the person reading this. I pray that you would make yourself known to them in  a way they’ve never experienced. I pray that they walk forth with confidence into this next year and season of their life. Go before them, go behind them, and provide everything they need. Thank you for your love for us.

~XO Tiffany

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  1. Hey Tiffany,
    Thank you for writing this article. It literally spoke exactly to my heart and soul. I prayed this morning that God would show me more of His father-heart today, and He did through your article. Thank you for loving God so beautifully and for sharing that love with others!

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