65 Ways to Love Your Husband

ways to love your husbandSomething your husband can never have enough of is your love. In a healthy marriage, the love should never run dry. Today, make a conscious effort to love your husband.

Why? Because your husband needs your love, respect, trust, and time. When you spend your time loving, you leave the enemy less room to come in.

Here are 65 ways to love your husband

1. Compliment Him.

  1. Give him a massage.

  2. Watch a ball game with him (& don’t complain).

  3. Join him in his favorite past time.

  4. Make his favorite meal for no reason.

  5. Initiate sex, often.

  6. Tell him you are proud of the man he is.

  7. Appreciate His masculinity.

  8. Appreciate your femininity.

  9. Put a love note in with his lunch for work.

  10. Take a day out, no kids.

  11. Make date night a priority.

  12. Hold hands.

  13. Kiss.

  14. Laugh at his jokes.

  15. Don’t degrade him.

  16. Don’t talk bad about him to anyone, period.

  17. Call him at work and tell him you love him.

  18. If he needs space, give it to him.

  19. Let him go to lunch with his friends.

  20. Trust him.

  21. Honor him.

  22. Trust him as the spiritual head of your house.

  23. Don’t let family members mistreat him.

  24. Give him grace.

  25. Let him know you need him.

  26. Let him know you want him.

  27. Make sex a priority.

  28. Make time for just him.

  29. Pray for him.

  30. Speak blessings over him.

  31. Initiate conversation.

  32. Initiate romance.

  33. He buys you flowers? Buy him a little something.

  34. Brag on him.

  35. Build his confidence.

  36. Choose forgiveness, daily.

  37. Be kind and calm, even if you are mad.

  38. Simply BE with him (even if no words are said.)

  39. Compliment his appearance.

  40. Bring him coffee at work.

  41. Discover his emotional needs.

  42. Discover his mental needs.

  43. Discover his sexual needs.

  44. Try new things together.

  45. Plan a sporadic trip together, even if it’s just out in nature.

  46. Trust God with your marriage.

  47. Be a shoulder to cry on.

  48. Go on a walk together.

  49. Cuddle.

  50. Binge watch a Netflix series together.

  51. Pray with him.

  52. Dress up for him.

  53. Go out together.

  54. Tell him you believe in him.

  55. Protect his dignity.

  56. Make your home an atmosphere of comfort and love.

  57. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

  58. Make decisions as a team.

  59. Pick up a hobby with him.

  60. Listen to him.

  61. Motivate him to be his best.

  62. Overlook small flaws.

  63. Be his biggest cheerleader.

  64. Have fun together. (be goofy)


The list is endless on ways to love your man. Make loving your partner a priority each day. When you use your energy putting love into the relationship, you leave less room for the devil to enter in.  Above all PRAY for your man. Thank God for bringing your spouse into your life, and pray that God grows him into the man he is called to be and that you are a helper suitable for your husband.  Love you all! Keep loving and serving!

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