The Jesus Hearted Woman

The Jesus Hearted Woman

By: Tiffany Langford

The Jesus Hearted Woman

There is something so wonderful, and so beautiful about the woman who places her love for God above all others.

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In Him, her soul is made whole. She knows that the only one who can fill her heart is Jesus. She trusts Him with her whole heart.

She allows His beauty to flow through her. The love of the Holy Spirit burns within her.

She doesn’t desire to be like the rest of the world. Instead, she desires to be like her Jesus. She desires to chase after Him the rest of her life, and to tell others about the good news of Yahweh.

She places her whole heart in His hands. She has desires, needs, wants and dreams, but she knows she can accomplish all things through Christ who strengthens her.

She does not seek for man’s approval. She doesn’t go chasing after love, from heartbreak to heartbreak just to fill the void.

When she feels heavy, she lays herself at His precious feet and breaks her alabaster box. She uses her tears to wash His feet, she pours her love out on Him, the one who saved her life time and time again.

He was the one who protected her in her childhood, the one who rescued her, and carried her when she was broken and in pain.

She pours her love out on her Master, the lover of her soul. She trusts the God of love to give her all the love she needs.

Then if He sees fit when the time is right He will bring her prince into her life.

But even when that time comes and she knows of that romance, she realizes that none but Jesus can rule her heart.

She finds her worth in Him. In Him she moves and lives. In Him she is a new person. She knows she is treasured and beautiful, because of who her daddy is.

She knows He is her healer, that He will never break her heart. When everyone else walks away, His love will be there to stay.

And He will hold her in her brokenness.

No matter where she goes in life, she knows that her Mighty Savior walks with her. He holds her hand when she is scared. He carries her when she cannot go any further.

She is blessed, chosen, and treasured.

She walks in victory because she knows she is called to trample the heads of snakes and scorpions. She is precious and loved in His sight, and you can bet she knows it.

It’s evident in her walk, her talk, and her love. She loves others, even when they hurt her. But she isn’t afraid to walk away, because she knows that she will never walk alone.

She is a victorious princess whose sins were once scarlet, but have been made white a snow. She cherishes the beauty of the cross, and what her lover did for her.

He gave His life that she would find hers. She is a walking, talking warrior princess. God has set her apart and chosen her.

Even when times get hard she knows He has a plan much bigger than her mind can comprehend.

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Though she once was lonely, He gave her family. Though she once was broken, He gave her victory. Though she once was lost, He found her.

You are that woman. His love for you is deep, wide, and never ending. You can never escape His love no matter what you do or where you go in life.

You can always run back to your Father, He is forever waiting for His bride.

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.”

(1 John 3:1)

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