Father, Love me Back to Life


Honestly, I just feel lost.

Life is weighing my heart to the ground, and I’m struggling through these changing seasons.

Sometimes I feel like I’m losing myself, most of the time I don’t trust myself.

I know that my own heart will lead me astray, so remind me that your love is enough for the both of us.

Depression. Anxiety. Fear. Rejection. These things have engulfed my heart.

In these moments when I find myself so lost, so imperfect, and so reminded of how incredibly “human” that I am, it’s your love that keeps me grounded.

Jesus, you are my anchor.

I don’t know how they do it without you.

I melt in your presence, I can’t believe you love me so deeply, even in my own mess.

I seem to be a wrecking ball these days, creating a mess all on my own, wherever I go.

But still yet, you give me grace, when I least deserve it.

You call me by name.

You call me daughter.

You remind me that I am not an orphan, and that I am no longer a slave.

You give grace, hope, and peace in a way that I could never begin to explain.

Heal my heart, Father.

Cleanse me white as snow.

Take away my guilt and shame. Make me whole again.

Breathe new life into me. Create in me a new heart and spirit.

Love me back to life.

Help me to love others back to life in the same way that you have loved me.

Help me to extend grace even in the times I don’t feel it in my heart.

Help me to hold onto you and abide by your Word.

Remind me that your plan is not to harm me, but to give me a hope and a future.

Help your daughter to walk in the purpose and destiny to which you have called her.

Give me the grace to trust you even when the road ahead seems foggy and unclear.

Give me the ability to stand firm in this season and help me to tread the heads of snakes and scorpions.

Reignite the flame within my heart and bring me closer to your side.

Thank you for your hand in everything I do, and above all, thank you for your love for me.


~Your Daughter

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