Love When You Are Ready, Not When You Are Lonely

love when you are ready, not when you're lonelyLoneliness is one of the most devastating, damaging, and contagious diseases.

Loneliness is hard.

It’s hard on the holidays, it’s hard when you had dreams and plans for your life and they didn’t pan out the way you expected, and its hard when the things you desire deeply are taking a little longer than expected. It’s hard when you get on facebook and see a thousand seemingly (emphasis on seemingly) perfect pictures of couples and feel the sting of envy in your otherwise contented heart. Singleness, even though it has its positives and can be a wonderful season of your life, like every other season, can have it negatives that bring bouts of loneliness, even if you are usually a pretty content and well-rounded individual.

But do you want to know whats worse than feeling lonely in your singleness?

Feeling lonely in a relationship.

Once we understand that loneliness is  something that is not confined to relationship status, then we can grasp the importance of praying through your relationships and waiting on the person God has for you. Understanding this concept makes us less eager to settle, and less desperate and “hook up” with the next cute person who slides into your DM’s. (honestly this is never a good idea, lets steer away from these kind of connections.)  😉

When you choose to settle you are cheating yourself out of a lifetime of good things that God has in store for you. There are so many singles who long for marriage, and yet there are so many married individuals who long for their singleness back because they realize marriage didn’t meet all of their expectations in life.

I’ll let you in on another little secret…

No person, no marriage, and no relationship will completely fulfill that God-sized hole inside of your heart because there is only one person meant to fill those shoes, and his name is Jesus.

And this Jesus guy, man He is unlike any other person. He loves you at your worst, sees you, adores you, and chooses you everyday. He can be your Father or your Friend. whatever you need and long for, He is always there loving you and fighting for you.

He has good things for your life but that starts now, not once your married, change jobs, have kids, or accomplish the things in life you desire so deeply.

Find contentment in your heart now with Jesus. Let him lead, guide, and direct your every step.

So choose to wait and refuse to settle. You have a seat at Daddy’s table and He’s going to give you His best.

No relationship you ever enter will be perfect. Don’t let society convince you that love and marriage is always going to feel ideal, it won’t.

If you choose to settle now, you will grant yourself temporary comfort from the uncomfortableness of loneliness, but that isn’t worth potential devastation in the long run.

God’s will for your life is for you to flourish. His plan is for you to prosper, to give you hope, good things, and a beautiful future. You can choose your own way, yes. But wouldn’t it be better to stop settling out of desperation and loneliness and trust your heart in the hands of the One who holds the moon, stars, and sun in place and knows your every longing and need?

Beloved, You are SO loved. Here, now, right in this season, even in your loneliness. Don’t let your loneliness deter you from the plan God has for your life. Stay on the course. Fight the good fight. You will win this race and I pray that you embrace and LOVE today and all it has to offer without fearing your tomorrow.

~XO Tiffany L.

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