To The One Who is Struggling With the Wait

To the one who is struggling with the wait I just wanted to remind you,

God sees you.

God hears you.

God has chosen you.

And God loves you.

Trust His timing and wait on His promises. Don’t settle for breadcrumbs, wait for the feast being set before you at the master’s table.

God doesn’t give junk to His children, there’s always a reason for the wait. God reserves the best for those who make the decision to wait upon him with a sound heart and mind, the one who is fully willing to rest in His promises and hold His hand as He leads, every step of the way.

You are not forgotten.

You have NOT been passed over.

Your heart is on reserve, and you are someone, the treasure, the prize worth waiting for.

Your heart is precious to God, He’s not going to hand it to just anyone. He is preparing and molding your heart and longs to love you in every season.

He, my friend, is faithful.

He is beautiful.

He is true to His word.

I know the world may try to convince you otherwise, but hold onto Papa God.

Rest in His love for you.

Grow, learn, love, flourish, and serve in this season. You are a whole piece all on your own, perfect just the way God fashioned you.

Let God fill the God-shaped hole within your heart.

Trust that He will do what He said He will do.

Be hungry enough to wait.

Be diligent enough to wait.

Rest easy, beautiful soul.

Because the wait is beautiful, after all.

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~xo Tiffany

4 thoughts on “To The One Who is Struggling With the Wait

  1. This just blessed me. I was on your website but my finger clicked off the current page I was on to another link (I was slightly annoyed because I was in the middle of reading lol)… but then I read the caption and immediately knew it was from God. I read it because I am in this situation. Questioning myself and if I should just give in…. doubting God, not fully believing he will fulfill the desires of my heart. So, thank you for this. This gave me peace. Helped reassure me. I know this wasn’t a coincidence that my finger “accidentally” clicked on another link… God thank you for helping me see things clearer ! ❤️❤️

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