To the Person Who Came From a Broken Home

I just want you to know how incredibly sorry I am for what you went through.

No, I probably don’t know you or the things you experienced, but I do know you didn’t deserve to be hit like that. I know you didn’t deserve for that person to touch you inappropriately, and I know you didn’t deserve the mental abuse that tangled your mind in a web of lies that you find yourself 20 years later still trying to untangle. I’m so sorry for the pain that you carry around in your heart that’s just kinda there.

There’s times when everything is fine, maybe you even go weeks or months without thinking about it because you’ve learned the art of suppression, but then it comes to visit in the quiet of the night, taking you back to that exact moment where you thought your world was ending.

You’ve heard the story of King David right? Many simply fail to connect the dots because of everything he accomplished in his life, but he too, was one of those “forgotten” kids who experienced the pain of neglection. In Psalm 27:10 King David tells us, “Even when my mother and father forsake me, the Lord will take me up.” King David wasn’t raised in a warm and fuzzy home, in fact, he knew rejection like the back of his hand as he walked through life, because he was the byproduct of sin and infidelity. (Psalm 51:5) but GOD still included him into his family, (read the book of 1 Samuel.)

David submitted his life to God and God still did unimaginable things with him, because God wanted and loved David all along.

You see, even though his mother or father did not want him, God seen him and had a purpose for his life, long before he was even conceived in his mother’s womb. It’s crazy isn’t it? We all have a Father who loves us that we will get to meet one day, even if you never know that kind of love on this earth.

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King David submitted his life to God, and watch what He did with it. Look at the generations who came from King David (Jesus came from his bloodline.)David still felt the better sting of rejection (read the book of Psalms) and struggled with it from time to time, but the good news is He knew Papa God.

He knew the one who loved him and chose him before he was born. He knew the one who redeemed and set him apart. He submitted everything to God, and God made something beautiful out of an rejected, unwanted child born out of infidelity. Likewise, GOD is going to use your life, all of the broken pieces, and He’s going to turn it into a perfect tapestry. Your job is to go into the world, with boldness and courage, and LOVE. Give what you never received. Build the kind of home you always longed for. Wait on the kind of love God has ordained for you and refuse to settle for someone who doesn’t treat you right. Be love to a child who needs to feel it. Be kind to strangers. Help others in every way that you can. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Just because you came from a broken home doesn’t mean the rest of your life is broken.

You are where this pattern stops because you recognize your worth and how much the creator of the ENTIRE world loves you. You are going to find people who love you. You are going to make a difference in someone else’s life. You are going to learn to heal and forgive because you know the God who loves you. He’s crazy about you friend, and He’s going to make something beautiful come from something very broken. Just you sit back and watch. Rest in His love for you today and every single day to come and the realization that you were CHOSEN by God himself to be here.

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One thought on “To the Person Who Came From a Broken Home

  1. Thank you for this beautiful letter. I came from a broken home. I used to pretend it never happened, I would just suppress all the hurt. Until I started to walk with the Lord. God has been healing a lot of my past, and is still showing me how He will redeem it because He works ALL things together for the good of those who love Him. Reading this post I felt His loving kindness through it. Thank you for making me feel seen, known, and loved.

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