A Prayer For The One Who Has Been Abused

Heavenly Father,

Tonight my heart is heavy. Tears fill my eyes as I try to grasp the pain that we face in this life. I know that pain is inevitable, but sometimes it simply becomes too much to bear.

I pray that in this moment, that you would wrap your arms of love around the woman reading this. Let her know she didn’t deserve what she has been through, and that she is more valuable than all the treasures in this world.

Restore hope and peace back to her being, Papa. Restore joy and love. Restore sanity, peace of mind, and the willingness to keep moving forward. Restore all that has been lost to her, just as you promised to do in your Holy Word.

Father, love her back to life. Let her know that the things she has been through and the places she has been do not define her. The fact that she survived everything that attempted to kill her is what defines her. She isn’t what she has done or been through, she IS what she has overcome.

I bind the lies of the enemy coming against her mind in JESUS name. I bind the plans that the enemy has used to try to deter her from the precious life you have called her to live. I rebuke every negative effect that has sprang forth from the result of what that person did to her.

Father you have made her BEAUTIFUL. Goodness, if she could only see that she is the apple of your eye. I pray you reveal that love to her in a mighty way, and I pray that everywhere she goes your protection rests on her.

Your banner over her is love. Your plan for her life is beyond what she can imagine. Restore back the years that the locust have taken and cause the latter years to come to be much greater than the years that have passed.

Abba you are everything that is good. I can’t seem to understand why there are things that have happened in life that make us feel as though we can’t take another step, but I know that you promised to be our light and guide. You promise to walk with us, and to carry us when we are too broken to move forward.

You have a habit of taking that which the enemy used to try to destroy us to raise us up. Father, show the woman reading this that there is a light ahead, and that she is a survivor. She is the embodiment of beauty and strength, and you have called her to walk boldly and unashamed and to trample the heads of snakes and scorpions.

She is a survivor. She is redeemed. She is white as snow.

I know that she can’t even begin to fathom what you are going to do for her, through her, and in her.

Thank you for loving her, keeping her, and cherishing her.

In Jesus name,



If you or anyone you know has been a victim of abuse, please don’t feel as though you deserve to remain in it another day. Please seek out the help you need by whatever means necessary. Check out The Better Help and The Hotline to talk with someone today.

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