Praying for My Future Husband: Why It’s SO Important

praying for a godly spouseI wish I had the exact words to express how essential it is to pray for your future spouse.

If there is ONE thing I could pass along to you right now in your season of singleness, male or female, it’s this; make a habit out of praying for your future partner.

Your future husband/wife needs your prayers. So many men and women ask me, “How can I prepare for my future partner?” And my number one response every time will be to start praying for them.

You see, the thing about God is he understands even our most confusing mutters. He sees the depths of our hearts regardless of what we display on the outside. You don’t need some extravagant list or well-spoken words to communicate with God. Start praying for your future spouse by simply just speaking from your heart.

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The beautiful thing about prayer is we are speaking to an audience of one. We don’t have to act like we have it all together for God, instead, we can come to him undone and in our brokenness, and He knows exactly what is on our hearts before we could ever speak the words.

But to those of you who desire marriage, I encourage you to speak life over your future marriage. Proverbs 18:21 tells us that, “death and life lie in the power of the tongue.” That means you have the power using only your words to bring the good things in your life to a screeching halt or to cause them to flourish.

Did you know God equipped you with that much power?

Speak life not only over your future marriage, but over every single aspect of your life. I encourage you to walk in constant prayer with God, because He is the friend who walks closer than a brother. He is always there and always hears you. You are His beloved and He takes delight in you.

When praying for your future spouse, pray for their heart, their relationships, their future, their relationship with God, and any aspect that God lays on your heart that day. You see, something I have come to understand in my 12 years of walking with God is the closer I walked with him, the more my desires began to align with His.

In my years of serving God, He has yet to let me down. But He has exceeded every expectation I ever had. He has blown my plans out of the water and replaced them with much more incredible, divine plans for my life. Our father knows what we have need of before we even ask Him.

I encourage you to wait on God. Fall in love with Him first and foremost, and know that in His timing, He will bring along the person you are meant to be with.

As a son or daughter of God, you have the ability to walk in confidence knowing that every good thing God has for your life will come into fruition in the right time. Right now you may feel discouraged, discontent, and pressed on every side, but God is going to turn things around in your favor. You just have to keep your eyes fixed on Him. Keep firm in your walk with Him, and never let go of Papa God’s hand.

He is the one who will love you more than anyone else ever could.

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I love you ladies and God bless. <3

xo ~Tiffany

One thought on “Praying for My Future Husband: Why It’s SO Important

  1. Hey Tiffany… I have always admired you and the way you love the Lord… My marriage loss fixed on May 18 and we are worried me and him… Cause of what is happening to the world now… I just wanted a normal wedding just like everyone else a happy one… But I am not sure if the wedding will happen cause of the COVID-19 pandemic…. Its heartbreaking cause I have been waiting so long for my wedding and I wanted to happily prepare more like enjoy! Pre wedding season but now m here not knowing where My live is going… Kindly pray for me and I hope the dark days will be over soon..

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