Our Pregnancy Story

our pregnancy storyOur Pregnancy Story: From my Husband’s Perspective

By: Kevin Langford


It started the way most pregnancies start.

“Honey, I think I’m sick.”

Except this time it was different because it wasn’t my wife that was sick, it was me.

I decided to go to the Doctor’s office and my wife came with me to see what was going on. We assumed it might be an ear infection due to the symptoms I was having.

Tiffany and I had been talking about having kids, but it had been several years with no prevention or protection so we started getting worrying if it was even possible for us. So while we were in the doctor’s office, we decided to bring that issue up as well.

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When we expressed our concern and he said, “Well, we can run some tests to figure out what is going on with you, but first we have to check and see if you are pregnant.”

Im the meantime they were treating me, then our Doctor came back in and said something that would change our lives forever.

Walking back in the room, the first thing he said was, “Tiffany, the test is positive, you’re pregnant.”

His words took us by surprise. I realized realized something I had always wanted and dreamed of was actually happening, something I questioned if it could even happen.

I was going to become a father.

My wife’s face showed the same emotions as mine. We were both excited and terrified at the same time.

To think about having a little baby that is yours is amazing.

We left the Doctor’s office in tears of joy. We went to see my parents and as soon as we walked in the room my mom and dad knew. They just had that feeling and asked before we could even tell them.

I was experiencing so many emotions I could hardly talk so when they asked if we were having a baby, tears of joy run down my face again as I hugged my mom.

We later found out our due date was September 14th, but our little girl decided to come on July 15th, nine weeks ahead of schedule. I had just started a new job, so Tiffany’s mom came and stayed a few nights with her because she started not feeling good.

One night while I was working going her mom took her to the hospital because she was sick and her blood pressure skyrocketed.

We thought the worst thing that might happen would be bed rest until she was close to full term, but that wasn’t the case. She had developed severe preeclampsia and was rushed to a hospital about two hours away, where the doctors were more trained to deal with our situation.

Overwhelming fear came over us because we didn’t know what to expect. They told me that I couldn’t ride up in the ambulance with her and that was so hard because she was so scared and I was too, I wanted to be with her.

On the way to the hospital I just broke down in tears, screaming in fear. I just did not understand why this was happening.

I was so mad that I couldn’t be with my wife. I did not understand why God would let this happen, but all I could do was just keep praying for God to take care of my family, over and over again.

I had to trust God to protect them.

When we got there the doctors stabilized her blood pressure and we were in good spirits. They said they were going to try to get Tiffany as far along as possible.

Not even two days went by and early in the morning her blood pressure shot up again. Her liver and kidney was starting to shut down so the doctor told us the delivery had to happen that day to save both of their lives.

My stomach dropped, Tiffany was barely 31 weeks along. About an hour after finding out she was coming, our beautiful little girl, Serenity, was born weighing 3 pounds and 2 ounces.

After she was born she had to fight. Our little girl was so strong, even though she was so little. When I seen her strength, I just knew she was going to be okay.

She had her good and bad days, like most premature babies. It was a daily emotional battle, but the only choice I had was just to trust God she was going to be okay.

Seeing the pain that my wife had to go through tore me up. The fact that I couldn’t take away her pain broke my heart. You would give anything to take away the pain for the people you truly love. I couldn’t be Superman, this was real and it was really happening.

The strength that I seen in Tiffany, I didn’t know she had. I can’t even begin to explain how proud I am of her. She is the ultimate example for the saying What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

This whole experience has come and gone, it’s part of the past now. Serenity has won her first battle and is doing great now. She’s smart, beautiful, and full of energy.

When I look back on everything my family has overcome in the last 17 months, I still don’t understand the reason things happen the way they do, but I know that God allows certain things to happen for a reason.

So often our human nature wants to question Him. But the reality is that He knows all, and sees all, and we can have faith in that. He took care of Serenity and Tiffany. He didn’t let me down, even when I doubted and questioned Him.

Through this experience I know that Tiffany, Serenity, and I are stronger individuals because we were forced to push through this adversary. What I’ve learned from this situation is that when it comes down to it, God is our source of strength and will carry us through every trial.

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