The Prodigal Daughter

prodigal daughterBy: Tiffany Langford

There was a time I felt so secure in your love for me.

You and I together, I knew we could conquer the world.

We could face everything life had to offer, step by step, Your hand in mine.

We danced.

We were in love, yet as you wooed me life tugged from the other side and I let go of your hand.

I let go of the one thing that would ever complete me, I let go of your love.

I forgot your goodness, I sought my worth within this world and gave my pearls to the swine.

I gave away my pride, my dignity, everything I had to try to gain back just an ounce of the peace I felt when I was with you.

I put other gods before me. I let them pull me away, enticing me with their glory, fame, and beauty.

All that remains are the ashes of everything I have built, burned to the ground. I feel forgotten, alone, unworthy.

I feel scared to even lift my face up to heaven, in fear that you would reject me in your anger.

My life is put a wind, passing before my eyes as I sit and dream about the days when you would hold me in your love.

But still yet you hold me in my brokenness, even when I have ran as far as I can away from you.

The beautiful thing about your love is that I cannot ever escape it, no matter where I go.

You took all of the pain away, yet I refused to even speak your name.

Father, I am unworthy, broken, I have nothing left.

Still yet, your sweet whisper quickens my heart, “Come back to me, daughter.”

I deserve rejection, I deserve your hand to smite me, But you give me daily grace.

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I’m coming back to my Father, I’m learning to dance with Jesus once again. I’m learning to trust in your love each day, I am learning to walk with you again.

Thank you for loving me through this. Thank you for having your arms stretched wide, just like the good father you are.

I’ve finally found where I belong and it is with you, Abba. You are my hiding place, and in you I am restored.

I wrote this poem today out of a place of genuineness and brokenness. I myself am learning to dance with Jesus once again. I let life get in the way, I let it separate me from the one I love most. If you have ran away from the Father, know that there is redemption for you. His arms are stretched wide, waiting for the day His child will come home.

He loves you with an everlasting love and gives you daily grace. I thank God today for the beauty of His love and grace. His mercies are new every morning, and I pray daily to be closer to my heavenly Father. If you feel lost and alone, cry  out to Jesus. I am praying for you beautiful people. <3


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