The Love You’ve Been Searching For

The love you've been searching for


I long to mend your broken heart.

I long to give you a new place to start.

The years of pain,  I want to take away.

My love is a safe place for you to stay.

I was beaten that you wouldn’t break,

I was bruised that you wouldn’t give yourself away.

Don’t give into the lies they tell you.

Don’t give into the hurt that wants to dwell in you.

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Come back to me, the love you’ve been searching for,

Remember your first love, I’ll always love you more.

Words can’t express my eminent love for you.

All of me poured out, because I want all of you.

Let me restore the years the locust have taken away.

Let me love you, let me heal you.

I promise I am here to stay.

That God-shaped hole inside of your heart remains,

You have been searching for years, let me take the pain away.

Relentless pursuit, I’m captured by you.

You are my treasured bride, there is none more lovely than you.

You are what my sacrifice was for.

You are what my heart beats for,

You are my bride, I’ll always love you more,

I’m the love that you’ve been searching for.

Some of us are walking around with giant God-sized holes in our hearts. There is a reason that nothing else in this entire world has made you content. God is the only one who can fill you. When you try to fill that void with a counterfeit, it is going to leave you feeling empty and alone.

If you are searching for something that you don’t understand, maybe that is God’s heart calling yours to Him. Deep calls unto deep. He loves you so much. You are precious and treasured, more than you could ever begin to understand. Words cannot express how much our Father loves us.

He is in awe of you,

He treasures you,

He is captivated by you,

He loves you.

Dwell in his love today.

I pray His love sweeps over your like an ocean.

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God bless you all!


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