Sister, theres room for you at the feet of Jesus

Sister, There’s Room for You at The Feet of Jesus

Sister, theres room for you at the feet of JesusSister, there’s room for you at the feet of Jesus.

A Letter to the Marthas

Martha, My beloved daughter, Martha.
You are so, so special to me.
Just look at how beautifully you’ve decorated your home, filled with pictures and things purposefully placed to make your family feel comfortable and more at peace.
Look at how much care and concern you put into feeding their bellies with healthy and nutritious things never letting them go hungry.
Look at how you manage your children’s sports, dance lessons, and childhood dreams, you’re investing in the lives of those you love so diligently and selflessly.
I see how much work and love you pour into your daily job, your family, your church, and your community.
I see how you beat yourself up for not being a perfect wife, but I hope you know you’re husband is so fortunate and blessed that I gave him my beautiful daughter to love and cherish as the treasure that you are.
I see the selflessness, the hard work, the perseverance.
I see the tears hid behind the smile,
I see the pain, even amid your grateful heart,
I see the words left unsaid.
I see you, and all that you are.
And I still want you.
I choose you.
I adore you.
I treasure you.
Beloved, I LOVE you.
I know that in the business, chaos, and calamity your soul is crying out for more.
I hear the ponderings of your longing heart and I want you to know I care deeply for you.
I’m there, daughter, and I promise I’ll never leave.
Come and sit with me for a while.
Forget the business, leave it all behind for a while.
Come lay your head upon my chest.
Listen to how my heart beats for you.
You are not alone, and your hard work is not in vain.
I have chosen you for such a time as this,
But I want you to stop and spend some time with me,
Right in this moment beloved.
Savor this feeling, this intimacy with me.
It’s Just you and me beloved.
Let me heal your broken heart and bind up your wounded spirit.
Papa will always be there to heal and renew your spirit.
Don’t allow life and all that comes with it to distract you from your one True Love.
Your heart is anxious and troubled about many things,
But only one thing is really needed.
Come, stay with me for a while.
Don’t lose sight of the One who loves you most.
Hold onto peace and know that my love for you will never be taken away. ♥️

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