Sister, there is grace for you

Stop Waiting and Start Living | Marriage, Waiting, and Singleness

Sister, there is grace for youBy: Tiffany Langford

Hi Beautiful friend!

I hope this message finds you well, and I truly believe we are going to break some barriers off today.

I think as a single Christian it can be so easy to get caught up in the mindset that your life, your ministry, that everything good in your life will begin once you get married.

And while a marriage ordained and set in place by God can be a fundamental aspect of a Christian’s personal walk with Christ (not every single person but this applies if you are a Christian who desires to be married someday), I want to remind you of something very simple that we sometimes might forget but I pray that this truth comforts you today,

your life does not begin the day you meet the person God has for you, it begins the day you give your heart to God.

Yes, your significant other is a piece of the puzzle. Yes, the man or woman God has for you will fulfill you and love you and it will be a wonderful thing, but we must be careful to not idolize any partner or relationship above God. God should hold first spot in our lives and He has so much in store for you that goes even beyond what you can imagine in this very moment.

When you’re waiting for the person God has for you in a literal sense, that means you are making a decision as a Christian to HONOR God with your heart, soul, mind, and body. It means praying for your future family and becoming the kind of person that your future spouse would want to marry (kind, humble, gentle, honorable, etc.) It also means using Godly discernment and prayer in determining who we marry someday. In a basic sense, we are definitely NOT choosing to leave God out of the equation but rather choosing to submit to His will for our lives and fully pursue the things He wants for us.

It does NOT mean relentlessly pining after your soulmate or choosing to stop/stall your life and remaining in a mindset that you are nothing without your soulmate. I think this discussion can sometimes make single Christians uncomfortable because they want it to be acknowledge that the wait is hard. Sis, yes, the wait IS HARD. Patience is a virtue and personally NOT one of my strongpoints (LOL)

But I will tell you something that many married individuals can unfortunately vouch for, it’s much harder to find yourself in a marriage where you are not being protected, providing for, cared for on an intimate level; in a relationship where you feel so lonely and so broken and it’s evident that God isn’t at the center of it. THAT is hard and what we pray you never find that out.

It’s also hard when you marry at 34 years old and realize you doubted God’s goodness and provision over your life, idolized your future husband/wife, and kept your life in a motionless state because you had convinced yourself that your life only began when you found your “missing piece.”

Sis, GOD is your missing piece. HE is the one who holds the keys to our heart and knows how to love us wholly and heal the utter depths of our spirits from the inside out. If we put that kind of pressure on our future man/woman, we are SURE to be disappointed because no matter how good they look, how kind they are, how much money they make, how much good they do in the world they will fall short EVERY SINGE TIME because we’ve placed a JESUS-SIZED burden on a mere human.

This is a simple message but I feel like it needs to be said.

For the moments you feel weak, go to God. Rest your head on His shoulder and cast your cares on Him, He cares for you and every feeling you are feeling.

Sweet reader, SIEZE this wondrous life God has given you.

Go hard after God.

Love people well.

Go to the place He is calling you (you never know, your person might be there)

Go on that mission trip.

Pursue that degree.

Embark on that amazing journey.

Take that business opportunity you’ve been praying for.

Have girl nights (or guy nights for my 5% of gentlemen readers) where you stay up all night and laugh until your belly hurts.

Hug and spend time with that awesome family of yours.

Build your credit.

Crush your fitness goals.

Be who God called you to be in every aspect of your life. Be the BEST version of yourself that you can be all the while holding hands with the One who will ALWAYS love you and ALWAYS have your back.

Pursue Him in all you do and trust that in His timing and in His way, you will receive all the good things He has in store for you.

I want to pray over you today.

Heavenly Father,

I pray for the beautiful soul reading this. Take away every burden, fear, and feeling of uncertainty they feel. Take away any pain and any hindrance that may be holding them back from going hard after you and the things you’ve called them to do. Show them all the beauty that is in front of them, plant a seed of hope in their hearts that no one and nothing can take away. Hold their hand every step of the way and when it gets too hard, let them know you are carrying them. Love on them today, Lord. Show them you have GOOD things in store for them. Your ways are above our ways and your thoughts above our thoughts. I thank you for the life of the person reading this.

In Jesus name,



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