To Be Loved Again

to be loved againTo Be Loved Again

By: Lexi Fuson

I walked with Him

We were close So close,

I could hear His thoughts of me,

His whispers rocked me to sleep at night

And kissed me when I awoke.

I never worried because I knew He was closer than my very breath.

We were in love,

I could never imagine a single moment where I’d forget His love for me.

But it happened, I forgot.

I stopped dancing.

I stopped singing.

I stopped feeling the closeness.

I stopped talking to Him.

I stopped listening.

My world fell apart.

I thought He left.

I had no words, I had no thoughts, no emotions.

I became numb.

I wore a mask so no one could see that I was lost.

Where was my Lord, where did He go?

What did I do to lose Him?

All I had were memories, but even those began to fade What happened?

I forgot I was loved truly loved.

I got tossed about in the storms of life, I let myself drown.

I stopped reaching for help.

I stopped allowing myself to hear His thoughts and His sweet whispers.

I no longer walked in love.

But now I hear Him, I hear Him tell me He never left and that He loves me,

to embrace Him again, to walk with Him, to dance with Him,

to just be loved and to rest in Him.

I’ve returned to the arms of my Savior and I’m learning to be loved again.

If you’d like more of this, check out more of Lexi’s poems on Twitter. Her username is mommylexi2


God bless you all!

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3 thoughts on “To Be Loved Again

  1. Awwww????????, very sweet may we never lose the love of our Master Jesus. Becuase sometimes the enemy likes to come to deviates us away from the right path but if we keep focus on him. Who is the light we will never deviate the way.

  2. That was awesome. You truely Blessed me with your powerful words. May God continue to use you mightily to win souls for the Kingdom. God Bless you.

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