To The Girl Who Has Given Up On Love

to the girl who has given up on loveBeautiful, treasured daughter of God, sister in Christ, friend to friend; please don’t give up on love.

Just because that man hurt you, swept you up in love, then dropped you doesn’t mean they are all the same. They definitely aren’t.

Just because your mother and father did not make it, doesn’t mean that same fate is destined for you. God longs to take every single desire of your heart, conform it in His likeness, and fulfill it for you.

He has the best in store for you, even if all you’ve ever known is heartache. He wants to birth a new heart and spirit within you.

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Learn to love yourself again. Stop giving piece after piece to every man who tells you he loves you. WAIT for the man who actually proves it.

Start with the man with scars on His hands, the one who died that you may know life, peace, mercy, and grace. He will never fail you and NEVER stop loving you.

It’s so easy to give into this culture’s idea of love. We’re told that nothing lasts forever, and that constant echo tends to plant a deep burden in our hearts. But the kind of love God gives will not leave you empty handed.

He wants to love and romance you first, then He wants to give you the man He has for you as you both fall in love with each other and Him daily. He has that kind of love in store for you, its a love unlike anything you’ve ever dreamed of.

But first you have to come to a place within yourself where you decide to put aside your loneliness and fear of heartbreak and rejection, and chase after God relentlessly because He is the one who will teach you how to love yourself. He wants to woo you and keep you in perfect peace. You have to learn to accept the love that you actually deserve, even if you have accepted much less your entire life. God wants to teach you how to begin to love yourself, because you are precious in His sight.

The beautiful thing about God is that it is never to late to give Him your heart. It is never to late to place your love story in His hands. His mercies are new every morning, and He longs to give you the absolute best He has in store for you. The kind of love He gives is definitely worth waiting for.

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Let God heal the wounds from your past. Stop giving yourself to people who don’t deserve your love. Don’t settle for second best just because you are afraid to be alone. Embrace who you are in God and become confident in yourself as a woman who is independent and comfortable with being alone for the time being, yet she still desires a Godly marriage in God’s perfect timing.

The beautiful thing about God is that we are never alone. We can choose to wish our singleness away and embrace loneliness, or we can choose to embrace our lovely romance with Jesus and be confident in His promises to us. Don’t marry for the fear of being alone. That is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Become comfortable in yourself and who you are in Christ, and you can rest assured all the days of your life have been written in His book and that He is in control, which means the future God has for you will be absolutely amazing.

I love you all. <3

~ xo Tiffany

4 thoughts on “To The Girl Who Has Given Up On Love

  1. Lovely article, Tiffany! Is there still hope for a middle-aged gal like myself? I am jaded by life and especially love. Is it really worth wishing, hoping and yes praying to the Lord for a soul mate when your 56 yrs old and life and love has passed you by and left you with nothing? Your lucky to have found your soul mate but some people do die alone never knowing real and true love. Thanks for the uplifting words but unfortunately not all of us ladies find “the one”. It’s a sweet notion, though! Blessings. 🙂

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