When I Feel Lonely

Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel so alone.

I can be sitting in a room full of people, yet feel loneliness rush through me. When I need a sense of belonging, I will remember the One to whom I belong.

When my friends and family have left me, when I feel tired and cold inside, I will remember that you are the rock I lean on, You are always at my side.

YOU are always at my side.

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Therefore I have nothing to fear. Remove my heavy heart and give me hope once again. Remind me who I belong too. When the world tries to tell me I’m inferior, you remind me that I am your chosen treasure.

There is nothing in the world that can take your love away from me. Thank you Jesus for being my everything.

Thank you for loving me, healing me, and renewing my spirit. Without you I truly am nothing. Remove this loneliness and hurt that tries to steal my joy. Fill me with you, once again.

Because I know that when I walk with your Spirit I am never, ever alone. You run through me. You are all around me. You go before me, you are behind and on both sides of me. You saturate my atmosphere, consuming me with your love. It’s a place I never want to escape.

Deep calls unto deep, You call unto my heart once again. You birth a new spirit in me, taking my weakness and replacing it with strength.

I can never escape your presence, and I don’t want too. You are the One I can run too. When all else around me fails, you are the One I can hold onto.

Your love is so tangible, so real, so true, so pure. Your love is a crisp diamond.

Come fill me with your love, Father. Fill the places of loneliness that remain from my childhood. The voice in my head that’s always told me I was never good enough, and that I would never amount to anything.

If I never amount to nothing in life besides being called Yours, then I am right where I want to be.

You have given me a Spirit of adoption. I have finally found where I belong, in you. You break off all the rejection, the pain, the heartache, and hurt. You heal the wounds.

Why is the tendency of our human nature to push away the love that only You can give us? Why do I go searching all around the world for something that I think I need? I have everything I need in you, you are right here with me.

You took me and placed me in a family, just like your word said you would. You brought beauty from my ashes. You made me a walking testimony of how the love of God heals, and you are working everything together for my good.

You have a purpose for me.

You are in love with me.

You are in awe of what you created when you look at me.

You have a plan for me.

I am your cherished, beautiful daughter.

Never let me forget that. And if by chance life gets in the way and robs me of my peace, remind me once again to whom I belong.

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