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We will only respond to queries within 2-4 weeks time if we have a slot available and would like to feature your article on Waiting for Your Boaz. If you do not get an email back from us, please do not be discouraged! Keep following the dream God has placed in your heart. If you would like to send another submission, please feel free to do so. We accept new blog submissions on a basis of what we are needing at that time and availability on the website.


How to be featured on Waiting for your Boaz

  1. Please make sure your submission is written with minimal typos and grammatical errors. Use short paragraphs, and choose a creative title.
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Terms of Service

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Compensation and Benefits

At this time we are not offering compensation for guest posts published on Waiting for Your Boaz, but your featured guest post will reach a community of nearly one million readers through avenues such as our website and social media. Also note that I reserve the right as the owner of Waiting for your Boaz to edit, add to, or take away from your post if I deem it necessary. Guest posts may be altered if need to be to suit the audience.

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