You Are Still God

By: Tiffany Langford

In the quiet and stillness I will remember that you are God.

Even when you don’t come in the strong winds, and even when my flesh fails,

I will remember that you are the strength of my heart and I will wait upon your still, small voice.

I won’t let the sorrows of this life rob me of your love.

No longer will I ache in fear, for I know the plans you have for me are greater than I can imagine.

I wish I could tangibly reach out to you and feel you holding me. I wish I knew all the answers to my problems.

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But I will wait upon you to bring me peace. I will rely upon you to bring me the comfort I need.

This world didn’t give me the gift of peace, so I will no longer allow it to rob me of what you have given me.

Cause me to walk upright, Lord.  The path becomes so hard. I struggle just to have faith. I struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I know this trial will not last forever.

I know you have great plans for me, Abba. I know this is just a test of my faith. I know the enemy longs to take me out, but your love will preserve me.

Walk with me, God. Walk closer than a brother. Whisper the sweetness of your love to me. Sing over me with your peace. Bring me the comfort that only you can bring.

Steady my heart in a world of turmoil.

Because at the end of the day you are all I need. You are the giver and taker of life, you are carrying me. I have no other option but to trust you, so in that I will find my peace. I will rest in the love you have called me to.


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