You Are Worth Loving and Pursuing

you are worth loving and pursuingBeloved,
Never, ever, ever let a man (or anyone else for that matter) tell you that you are not worth pursuing or loving.
You are constantly being pursued day in and day out by your Maker, the one who loves you beyond imagination.
For he is achingly, fiercely in love with you. He has created you so wonderfully and beautifully and takes delight in you.
Precious daughter of God stop settling for second best. Stop giving your all to someone who looks at you as an afterthought. Stop casting your pearls before swine and fall in love with your Creator.

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Take time to find yourself and who you are in Him. Take time to rediscover Jesus, how he died for your sins and has given you a promise of paradise and sent down the Comforter. Stop where you are and breathe. You are walking in purpose, and there is no need to rush when you are on God’s timetable anyways.
What can you do to make it come to pass sooner? Rushing only leads to heartache.
You must find contentment in your season of singleness.
You must find contentment right where you are.
You must find contentment within yourself.
Beloved, you are such a treasure. You are the apple of Abba’s eye. He has so much more in store for you, so don’t rush the beauty of this season as you learn, grow, and fall in love with Jesus.
You are worth so much more than the lies you have told yourself. You aren’t a second-choice to God, so you must NEVER settle with being a second-choice to any man here on this earth. God loves you and has His BEST set aside for you. He can love you more in one tiny moment than a thousand lovers could in an entire lifetime.
When you find your worth in God you will stop settling. Learn to love yourself and appreciate the jewel that you are.
Self-love will wreck your life, just take my word for it.
When you learn to love yourself you begin to stop accepting less than what you rightfully deserve. You quit people, places, things, and atmospheres that are stunting and prohibiting your growth. You find yourself unstuck for the first time in your life, knowing you’re not tied to a bitter, broken past but you’re tied to a free and evolving future.
You begin cutting off people left and right because their toxicity no longer has a place in your heart and mind. You begin removing whatever robs you of peace and put up a no vacancy sign on your heart. You stop allowing your heart to be dragged through the mud and begin to make life choices to be happier, healthier, and whole. You cut ties with the parts of your past that cannot serve you in the future. You start actually accepting the love you deserve.
You begin growing, learning, and thriving. You begin doing things now that are painful and not so comfortable because they will benefit your future. You begin to love yourself and find peace within your heart for the first time in your life the way you always deserved.
When you begin to love yourself, your life will change. You will then realize that YOU are His beloved, and you are worth loving and pursuing.
Stop settling beautiful sister.
Start loving yourself and bloom where you have been planted in this moment.
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