Your Prodigal Daughter| A Letter to My Father

Your Prodigal Daughter| Waiting for your BoazAbba,

My dearest friend and lover of my heart,

I’m sorry I’ve allowed the world to come between us.

I’m sorry that other lovers have swept me away.

I’m sorry that I allowed the pain to engulf me.

Renew my spirit, make me steadfast within you.

Remind me that you are my one and only one.

You, lover of my heart,

renewer of my spirit,

breather of my hope.

You are my all in all.

There’s nothing better than your love.

There’s nothing better than your spirit.

There’s nothing truer than your heart.

How can your heart be so big,

that you would take back the one who walked away from you?

How can you still love me,

Even as I sit within this mess that I’ve created?

Hallelujah, my God. For I will ever praise your name

Because you are great, and there’s nothing better than your presence.

Abba, Father, for you are beautiful in every way.

Ravishing, extravagant, captivating.

It is you, Lord. You, are my first love.

My everything.

Ruler of my heart.

I now choose you,

But you chose me before I was even born, and loved me deeply.

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